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Ball control: heading and technique [en]

Posted on: 19 January, 2008

It’s all about ball height really; depending on how high the ball is, you will either try to control it with your head chest or feet. Heading helps you control the ball with your head, technique helps you control the ball with your chest or feet. By “control” it means the time your player will “stop” after getting the ball and how far the ball will go after the first touch. If the “stopping time” = 0, then your player can play at first touch, including heading the ball (which rarely happens right now).

I’m going to re-code the whole process as I’m far from satisfied with it. Playing at first touch should always be possible, even if at expense of skills, and I’ll probably follow that path. That alone will increase the amount of times the ball is headed. That and the re-doing of the whole “ball dynamics” which sucks a bit at the moment.


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  • Andrei: This is about the skills from a game... that's what they do in-game. Try ;)
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