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Bruno about IO: “Run with the ball to the middle (if in wings)” [en]

Posted on: 19 January, 2008

We have changed the description of an existent Individual Order. It was called “Shooting instead of crossing” but now it’s called “Run with the ball to the middle (if in wings)”

Just read my explanation on the forums about this:


Basically the description of this order is messed up (Shooting instead of crossing). We’ve been making some tests and what this order really does is that, once you’re with the ball and you’re not on a central position, the player will run to the area (provided that he doesn’t have opponents closing the way). So, theoretically players will shot more if this order is activated but the description is not quite as it should be.

If players are on shooting position they’ll shoot (all players). Later, we’ll add an IO called “pass instead of shot”. This will work both for passes in central areas or passes in crossing areas (crosses).


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