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Man marking [en]

Posted on: 19 January, 2008

The main difference between zonal marking and man to man marking is that in man to man marking, the “marker” will follow (very closely) the player he’s marking, even if that player moves away from his original position. In zonal marking, players will have an imaginary box around them in which they’ll mark any player that moves around that area and that does not have any other player marking him. It’s not such a close marking system but (in most cases) will allow your players to remain close to their original position.

Pay attention to the fact that it’s probably not a good idea to mix man to man marking with zonal marking in your central defense. This might cause confusion in your defense and therefore create fatal spaces for opponent attacking players.

We have made two changes that worth a blog mention! The first is that we’ve introduced a new Man to Man marking module. Here are the most important changes:
– Before, players got assigned a player to mark them based on the type of player they were and based on a system of priorities. Basically, and for example, a central forward was always marked by a central defender if such defender was free of marking someone and available to do man marking; if not, a defensive midfielder would mark him, and if not, a wing back would mark and so on.
– Now, basically it sets the player closest to the man to mark if he’s still unmarked and if the marker is available to man mark. If the closest player isn’t available, it moves on to the second, and so on. In all checks it (the module) also checks if the possible marker is not far from the player it is going to mark; if he is, he just doesn’t mark such player. Central forwards will still pick up players to mark them even if they are a bit far from them, due to the danger of leaving such a forward unmarked.
– The module also checks if a certain player is already zonal marking in the same zone as a forward/offensive middie plays. If a player is zonal marking there, no man marking will be assigned to the offensive player in that zone.
– A rare bug that made normal midfilders to go out and man mark has been fixed.

Another thing: Getting rid of marking defenders, taking on attacking positions so he can ’cause dangerous situations, it all relies on positioning rather than speed.

“Fixed”! Defenders will now man mark side midfielders if they’re not assigned to a central forward, left forward or offensive left mid.


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