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Technique [en]

Posted on: 19 January, 2008

The higher the technique, the less likely you are to make a mistake and dribble to the wrong place; it helps players dribble in a straight line if there’s no one in front of them, instead of dribbling the ball all over the place, for instance. It also makes it less likely the dribble goes through the air – near the ground, but still not ON the ground (losing less acceleration) and therefore helps controlling the ball better. It also helps you control the ball better if you’re very near the sidelines – players with higher technique will be more careful when dribbling there.
It also helps control some other minor random seeds during dribbles, and all together it really helps a player dribble more precisely up the pitch and between opponents.


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  • Andrei: This is about the skills from a game... that's what they do in-game. Try ;)
  • Evan McKenzie: The term speed is sometimes ambiguous, in football pace is what most coaches refer to as the movements towards something or someone or covering dista


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